Objects & Places from State of Wonder

Ann Patchett
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Eden Prairie, Minnesota

This is the home of Anders Eckman and Marina Singh.

Amazon jungle

This is the location where Dr. Annick Swenson and her staff are developing fertility drugs and a drug to inoculate against malaria.


This is the pharmaceutical company that Marina Singh and Anders Eckman work for.


This is a disease common in the jungle and one which kills hundreds of thousands of children each year.


These are the trees whose bark extends the fertility cycle of the Lakashi women.


These are the small purple moths that ingests the liquid from the Martins and secrete back onto the tree bark.


This is a hallucinogenic mushroom.


This is the study of the relationship between people and plants.


This, also known as Mermaid Syndrome, is a disease where the legs of a fetus are fused together into a tail without...

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