State of Wonder Character Descriptions

Ann Patchett
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Marina Singh

She is a doctor, working for a pharmaceutical company called Vogel.

Dr. Annick Swenson

She is a doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.


He is a young boy who appears, at first, to somehow belong with Annick Swenson.

Anders Eckman

He is a pharmacologist who works for Vogel labs.

Mr. Jim Fox

He is the CEO of Vogel, the pharmaceutical company in charge of financing the fertility research in the Amazon jungle.

Karen Eckers

She is the wife of Anders.

Alan and Nancy Saturn

They are two of the doctors working with Dr. Swenson in the Amazon jungle with the Lakashi tribe.

Barbara and Jackie Bovender

They are gate keepers for Dr. Swenson.


He is the man in Manaus responsible for taking care of Marina's needs while she is there.

Dr. Budi

She is in charge of a clinical research organization for Dr. Swenson...

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