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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened every year?
(a) Hunters dying of gunshot wounds
(b) People driving over waterfalls in SUV's
(c) Lightning storms
(d) Flash floods

2. What was the first thing Kenner had noticed to help him find the tracks of his friends?
(a) Trampled grass
(b) A deep footprint
(c) A wet handprint on a bolder
(d) Disturbed mud

3. What color was the truck that was following Sarah and Evans?
(a) Grey
(b) Green
(c) White
(d) Blue

4. What are the cops trying to accuse Evans of?
(a) Tampering with George's car
(b) Leaving town when under suspicion for poisoning people
(c) Evading arrest
(d) Acting suspiciously

5. About how many acres is Yellowstone National Park?
(a) Six million acres
(b) Four million acres
(c) Two million hectares
(d) Two million acres

6. What would global warming result in?
(a) A complete overturning of the present way of life
(b) A net benefit to the whole world
(c) A loss of everything humanity and nature holds dear
(d) A net loss to the world

7. What did Jennifer do to Ted?
(a) Bit off his tongue
(b) Hit him over the head
(c) Bit his tongue
(d) Cut open his scalp

8. Who showed up with an invitation from George Morton?
(a) Professor Dilham
(b) Professor Norman Hoffman
(c) Professor Filman
(d) Professor Norman Hauffman

9. What is the actual time difference between Gareda and L.A.?
(a) Six hours
(b) Four Hours
(c) Eight hours
(d) Twelve hours

10. What look is fashionable at the conference?
(a) The nerd look
(b) The business look
(c) The rugged look
(d) The unkempt look

11. What fear took the place of the fear of the Cold War?
(a) Fear of global warming
(b) Fear of the Asians
(c) Fear of each other
(d) Environmentalism

12. Why did Kenner want to save the guy he assumed was a part of ELF?
(a) The information he could solicit from them was worth the trouble
(b) No member had ever been identified before
(c) He took pity on their cause
(d) No member had ever been captured before

13. Where did Kenner put their clothes?
(a) Over a railing
(b) Over the dome
(c) On top of the engine
(d) In a pile beside them

14. Who was in Evans' apartment when he got back?
(a) The private investigator
(b) Kenner
(c) Janis
(d) Sarah

15. How deep does George figure they are placing the PTB's?
(a) Ninety meters
(b) Seventy meters
(c) Fifty meters
(d) One hundred meters

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the two use to dry off?

2. What was the first thing Sarah mentioned when she had been revived?

3. What was Peter staring at?

4. Which state was most eco-conscious?

5. How many millimeters does Drake say the ocean has risen?

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