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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8, The Trojan Seahorse (Chapters 76-91).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many times have Client Races tried to rebel?
(a) Ten.
(b) Six.
(c) Eight.
(d) Five.

2. How old is Herbie?
(a) One billion years.
(b) One hundred years.
(c) One million years.
(d) One thousand years.

3. The old religion says cetaceans do not mind being killed by _______________.
(a) Creatures in need of survival.
(b) Creatures higher up the food chain.
(c) None of these.
(d) Creatures that are genetically modified.

4. How does Gillian feel about Creideiki leaving?
(a) She is sad.
(b) She is relieved.
(c) She is afraid for him.
(d) She is angry about it.

5. What does Tom do to prepare himself for the bomb?
(a) Puts himself in a trance.
(b) Drops to the ground.
(c) Eats.
(d) Digs a deep hole.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Tom miss as the storm gets stronger?

2. What makes Jon a malevolent cannibal?

3. How does Gillian learn about Karrank% legends?

4. What keeps the Soro queen from executing her chief?

5. What planet does this book take place on?

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