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Prologue and Part 1, Buoyancy (Chapters 1-13)

1. What is Gillian's last name?
(a) Bosker.
(b) Baskin.
(c) Bulker.
(d) Bilkin.

2. What planet does this book take place on?
(a) Kithrup.
(b) Kishroot.
(c) Keltin.
(d) Kerthout.

3. What kind of planet does this book take place on?
(a) A gaseous world..
(b) A ferral environment.
(c) A water world.
(d) A terra formation.

4. Why does the Captain want Gillian on the bridge?
(a) For a reprimand.
(b) For a meeting.
(c) For support.
(d) For morale.

5. What is Toshio known for?
(a) His pessimism.
(b) His suspicious ideals.
(c) His naive nature.
(d) His optomism.

6. Toshio's team is prospecting for ___________________.
(a) Vanadium.
(b) Mendalisium.
(c) Halthinium.
(d) Jubillinium.

7. What is Toshio almost killed by in Chapter 1?
(a) A digging worm.
(b) A neo-dolphin.
(c) A sea weed.
(d) A claw fish.

8. How does the Acceptor command his enemies?
(a) He sends out large forces.
(b) He uses psychic powers.
(c) He kills their leader.
(d) He signs a treaty.

9. Who commands the bridge during the Captain's rest period?
(a) Jake.
(b) Jim.
(c) John.
(d) Juan.

10. What kind of creature is Nukapai?
(a) Human.
(b) Neo Chimp.
(c) Dream Goddess.
(d) Asterlith.

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