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Essay Topic 1

What did the Soro want with the dolphins, and what did they risk in their pursuit of this?

Essay Topic 2

How does Metz die, and why is this so ironic?

Essay Topic 3

Gillian and Dennie are similar in many ways, and yet they have some important differences. Using citations from the book, compare and contrast these two important characters from the book.

Essay Topic 4

How did the literary tool of symbolism affect this plot, and what were some of the most important symbols?

Essay Topic 5

What changes did Creideiki encounter during this book, and what caused these dramatic changes for him?

Essay Topic 6

How did Gillian and Tom's relationship change over the course of this book, and what were the major causes of these changes?

Essay Topic 7

Dedication was a trait that caused a lot of problems for people in this book. What are some of...

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