Startide Rising Character Descriptions

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Dr. Gillian (Jill) Baskin

This character, whose primary assignment is in the busy infirmary, is both a physician and an agent of the Terragens Council.

Thomas (Tom) Orley

This character is the Alien Technologies Consultant assigned to the exploration vessel Streaker.

Capt. Creideiki

This character is the commander of the exploration vessel Streaker.

Toshio Iwashika

This character is a young, black-haired midshipman serving aboard the exploration vessel.


This character is a neo-dolphin midshipman who finds it hard to believe that neo-dolphins have such difficulty grasping past, present, and future.

Beie Chohooan

This character is a veteran Synthian spy who hides in an extinct comet's tail and observes the fearful fighting above the planet Kithrup.


This character is an elderly neo-dolphin metallurgist serving aboard the exploration vessel Streaker.

Emerson D'Anite

This character is a stocky engineer with a Scottish accent.

Dr. Charles Dart

This character is a...

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