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Prologue and Part 1, Buoyancy (Chapters 1-13)

• Tom is sleeping when Gillian writes about having to land at Kithrup, a water world, to make repairs on the Streaker.

• Captain Creideiki wants them both on the bridge for morale. Toshio leads the mission on the world for Vanadium. He is almost killed by a weed.

• He is saved by his nemesis and is promptly mocked right after.

• A Tandu fleet pours in, using paths opened by the Episiarch. The Acceptor then takes command, using psychic powers.
• Takkata-Jim commands the bridge during Creideiki's rest period. He orders the prospectors back and hears Ignacio Metz talk about negotiating with the ETs.

• Nukapai, a Dream Goddess, helps Creideiki overcome his chronic insomnia.

• Tom and Gillian are called to the bridge to help with casualties. Tom checks on his secret Niss machine before going. He has a secret project.

• Krat, the Soro queen, has...

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