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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For how many years does Rico sign up for federal service?
(a) Five
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Ten

2. What does Dubois ask Rico for an explanation of the moral difference between?
(a) Criminal and civilian
(b) Man and bug
(c) Parents and their children
(d) Soldier and civilian

3. What does Rico suffer in his first practice session using the suit?
(a) A sprained ankle
(b) A broken arm
(c) A strained shoulder
(d) A broken leg

4. What do H&MP lessons teach?
(a) Respect thy enemy
(b) Fun is part of violence
(c) Death to bugs
(d) Controlled and purposeful violence

5. Why is there no black mark on Rico's record?
(a) He is too important
(b) It was an administrative punishment
(c) He did not endanger anyone
(d) He is an officer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rico admire about Zim?

2. What did Dubois use kitchen illustrations to destroy?

3. What rank does Rico make after training?

4. What is the penalty if Rico changes his mind?

5. Why are pilots mostly women?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize Chapter 3.

2. What does Jejal tell his troops?

3. What does a soldier use his facial muscles for inside a power suit?

4. Describe Sergeant Zim.

5. Describe the release of the capsules in Chapter 1.

6. What is Rico's father's problem with Rico joining the army?

7. Why are most pilots women?

8. What is Rico's responsibility in Chapter 6?

9. How do Rico's parents receive the news that he is going to join the army?

10. What is Rico's opinion of boot camp in retrospect?

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