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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rico do when he witnesses Hendrick's flogging?
(a) Laugh
(b) Turn away
(c) Pass out
(d) Vomit

2. How many lashes does Rico receive?
(a) Five
(b) Three
(c) Ten
(d) Eight

3. What does Rico hope to hit with the bombs?
(a) The water works
(b) The gas works
(c) The bomb factory
(d) The president's headquarters

4. Why are pilots mostly women?
(a) They don't show off.
(b) They have better eyesight.
(c) They have better reactions.
(d) They have better control of their emotions.

5. What is Rico ready to do?
(a) Go home
(b) Fight
(c) Kill Zim
(d) Kill himself

6. What does Carmencita Ibanez want to become?
(a) A foot soldier
(b) A model
(c) A spaceship pilot
(d) An actor

7. What does Rico's father not regard as an honor?
(a) Falling in love
(b) Citizenship
(c) Voting
(d) Fighting for one's country

8. Which character dies in this chapter?
(a) Chevron
(b) Carl
(c) Bronski
(d) Breckenbridge

9. What does Zim give Rico before he is flogged?
(a) A mouth piece
(b) A medal
(c) An apple
(d) A hug

10. What is Rico fascinated by?
(a) Martians
(b) Fire knives
(c) Power suits
(d) Lazer guns

11. What does Rico's father give Rico for graduation?
(a) A trip to Mars
(b) His business
(c) A space ship
(d) A trip to saturn

12. What is the name of the section one leader?
(a) Sgt. Miglaccio
(b) Rodger Young
(c) Juan Rico
(d) Jelal

13. Which of Rico's friends persuaded him to join the MI?
(a) Carl
(b) Jack
(c) June
(d) Davis

14. What do the new recruits have to do at dawn?
(a) Circuit training
(b) Pyrotechnics
(c) Calisthenics
(d) Target practice

15. What does Jenkins wonder about Zim?
(a) If he has family problems
(b) If he has a mother
(c) What kind of mother produced him
(d) If he hates people

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Zim make an example of?

2. What does Hendrick insist on doing?

3. Why does Rico think the instructors are impersonal?

4. What does Jelal say that recruits should not seek to be?

5. How far is Rico out of position?

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