Starship Troopers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Jejal tell his troops?

Jelal laments the poor quality of recruits, invokes the memory of his popular predecessor, Lt. Rasczak and reminds them of the high cost of training and equipping them. Recruits are to do their job, not seek to be heroes.

2. What is the troop's mission?

They will be dropped in two skirmish lines 2,000-yards apart for a "smash-and-destroy" mission, demonstrating their military superiority to the enemy. They are to take no prisoners, kill only when it is unavoidable and meaningfully expend every piece of ammunition.

3. Why are most pilots women?

Most pilots are women because women have faster reactions than men and tolerate G forces better.

4. What is Rico's job upon landing?

He must keep from getting too excited as he selects choice targets for rockets tipped with "peewee" nuclear warheads, hand flamers, and high-energy bombs. Rico hopes to hit the waterworks, which will make the city uninhabitable.

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