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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rico's father not want Rico to enlist in the army?
(a) It is dangerous
(b) It is peacetime
(c) It is not him
(d) He needs him to take over his business

2. What does Rico hope to hit with the bombs?
(a) The water works
(b) The president's headquarters
(c) The bomb factory
(d) The gas works

3. What does Jelal say that recruits should not seek to be?
(a) Heroes
(b) Individuals
(c) Good people
(d) Machines

4. What is the penalty if Rico changes his mind?
(a) No trips to Mars
(b) Public humiliation
(c) No Army protection
(d) No second chance

5. What does Dubois ask Rico for an explanation of the moral difference between?
(a) Criminal and civilian
(b) Man and bug
(c) Soldier and civilian
(d) Parents and their children

Short Answer Questions

1. What does HE stand for?

2. Who does the girl quote when she says violence never settles anything?

3. Where does Rico land?

4. Who helps Rico look for Dizzy Flores?

5. Where is Camp Arthur Currie situated?

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