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They are intelligent arthropods that happen to look like giant spiders.

Camp Arthur Currie

One of two Terran Federation's Mobile Infantry recruit training camps, it is located in the northern prairies of North America.

History and Moral Philosophy (H&MP)

This is a required, but ungraded, high school course taught by a seemingly unconcerned disabled veteran, Mr. Dubois.


The home planet of the space aliens who destroy Buenos Aires at the start of the "Bug War."

The Mobile Infantry

The crack fighting force of the Terran Federation.

Operation Royalty

This is a Mobile Infantry assault on the desolate Planet P intended to capture Brain Bugs and/or Queens.

Rasczak's Raiders

The nickname for the Mobile Infantry outfit to which Rico is assigned aboard the Rodger Young, even after the legendary commander's demise.

The Rodger Young

The second spaceship troop carrier to which narrator Rico is assigned...

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