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Bugs - They are intelligent arthropods that happen to look like giant spiders.

Camp Arthur Currie - One of two Terran Federation's Mobile Infantry recruit training camps, it is located in the northern prairies of North America.

History and Moral Philosophy (H&MP) - This is a required, but ungraded, high school course taught by a seemingly unconcerned disabled veteran, Mr. Dubois.

Klendathu - The home planet of the space aliens who destroy Buenos Aires at the start of the "Bug War."

The Mobile Infantry - The crack fighting force of the Terran Federation.

Operation Royalty - This is a Mobile Infantry assault on the desolate Planet P intended to capture Brain Bugs and/or Queens.

Rasczak's Raiders - The nickname for the Mobile Infantry outfit to which Rico is assigned aboard the Rodger Young, even after the legendary commander's demise.

The Rodger Young - The second...

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