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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Starship Troopers tells the story of Juan Rico, a well-to-do youngster who joins the elite Mobile Army at the outbreak of the Bug War. He survives boot camp, rises rapidly through the enlisted ranks through heavy attrition, is culled off for Officer Training School, and survives his first experience as a platoon commander. Rico goes on to become a confident commander, passing to younger officers the wisdom he has absorbed from many mentors.

The aim of this lesson is to examine the character of Rico.


1) Classroom discussion. In what way does Rico's upbringing affect his decision to join the army? In what way does Rico make a perfect army recruit? What is Rico's motivations and goals? How do you think Rico can achieve these goals? What does it say about Rico that even as an educated man he is more comfortable with the the troops...

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