Starship Troopers Character Descriptions

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Juan Rico

He is a well-to-do native of the Philippines. His father rejects the idea of wasting two years of his life in the service, rather than swiftly ascending in the family business to succeed him.

Cpl. Ace

He is a career corporal, who would have been promoted if he had been willing to leave his squad.

Cadet Angel

He sits up nights tutoring Rico in math, his weakest subject.

PFC Dutch Bamburger

An infantryman aboard the Valley Forge to whom Rico is assigned as an extra before "Operation Bug."

Capt. Blackstone

He doubles as commander of all six MI platoons aboard the Tours. During a combat mission to Planet P, he is to evaluate the narrator's fitness to receive a permanent commission.

PFC Breckenridge

A 210-lb. Southern-accented recruit who foolishly steps forward in boot camp to challenge the Career Ship's sergeant. He dies during rigorous survival training...

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