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Chapter 1

• Acting platoon sergeant Jelal inspects the troops just before a drop. He tells troops to do their job and not to be heroes.

• Their mission is to demonstrate their military superiority to the enemy.
• The soldiers enter capsules and then Captain Deladrier fires the capsules towards the enemy planet.

• Rico lands out of position, but still aims to destroy the waterworks and thus make the city uninhabitable.
• After an the attack, Rico calls a squad call. There is one man missing and Rico and Ace go to look for him.

• Rico and Ace find Dizzy Flores badly wounded and take him back to the ship. He dies on the way home.

Chapter 2

• Rico joined the MI because of his friend Carl. His parents were both against the decision.

• Rico's father tries to persuade him to go to Harvard and tempts him by paying for Rico to travel...

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