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Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Fourmyle offer Robin to work for him?

2. What is the burning man Foyle and Robin see?

3. Who assumes the identity of Poggi in Chapter 10?

4. Where does the Government House ball at the opening of Chapter 9 take place?

5. What kind of costume does Foyle wear after he leaves the Borghese Palace in Rome?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe members of the Skoptsy Colony.

2. Describe Olivia Presteign.

3. What proposition does Foyle make Robin after her suicide attempt, and what is her response?

4. What does Foyle do after he finds Rodg Kempsey on the moon?

5. What is Foyle's relationship with Steve Forrest, and where does Foyle find Forrest?

6. What does Robin do regarding Foyle at the opening of Chapter 12, and what secret of hers is made known?

7. Who does Fourmyle see from the Gouffre Martel at Presteign's New Year's Eve party, and what is his response upon seeing this individual?

8. What does Olivia Presteign tell her father about Foyle that stuns him?

9. What is the nature of the discussion in the Star Chamber in Chapter 14?

10. Describe a sympathetic block.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Y'ang-Yeovil appears on the Spanish Steps in Rome masquerading as Angelo Poggi, a crewmember on board the Vorga. Foyle is masquerading as Fourmyle. Another theme in the book is that of deception. Identify and discuss other examples of personal deception in the book. Consider, too, how entire classes of people might be practicing deception. for example, how the wealthy try to impress their peers by traveling in flashy, ancient modes of transportation.

Essay Topic 2

Early in the book, Foyle, who is stranded on board the spaceship Nomad, manages to escape the ship after being bypassed (he thinks) by the crew of the Vorga. He finds himself among the Scientific People. The Scientific People tattoo him with tiger-like markings and with the name, Nomad, across his forehead. Discuss how those markings are an externalization of his internal crisis, his drive for revenge on the Vorga, and the significance of the name Nomad apart from it being the name of his spaceship. What is Foyle's chief motivation for his actions while with the Scientific People?

Essay Topic 3

One of the most interesting relationships in the book is that between Foyle and Olivia. Robin looks at the two of them and sees two grotesque people. Foyle looks at their relationship and sees hope. Describe how the relationship between Foyle and Olivia changes, for better or worse, from the time of their first meeting at the Presteign mansion until his parting from her. Note in your discussion how Olivia is shown not to be what Foyle thought her to be and how that impacts his relationship with her.

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