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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Harley Baker, M.D. make his real income?

2. Who is the spokesperson to Foyle for the inhabitants of the Sargasso Asteroid?

3. What sort of craft does Foyle use to leave the Sargasso Asteroid?

4. How many days does Jiz wait before removing Foyle's bandages?

5. What is PyrE, according to Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Foyle go to the Vancouver Presteign shipyards?

2. What motivates Foyle to save himself at the close of Chapter 1?

3. What happens as Foyle attempts to leave the asteroid with the safe from the Nomad?

4. Describe the steps Foyle takes in activating the Nomad's engines.

5. What does Foyle discover on board the Nomad when he returns to the Sargasso Asteroid?

6. Describe Foyle's existence as he is trapped on board the Nomad.

7. What procedure do the Scientific People perform on Foyle that makes him like them?

8. Why does Y'ang-Yeovil want custody of Foyle after Foyle's attempt to destroy the Vorga?

9. What keeps Foyle from divulging information about the whereabouts of the Nomad when he is questioned at the Nightmare Theater?

10. What does Foyle learn about blue jauntes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foyle finds himself in Gouffre Martel prison. His presence there is an allegory for a descent into one's self. Describe how the conditions of the prison mirror Foyle's state. Discuss how Jisbella's contacting him, and their subsequent escape, parallel what is happening to him internally.

Essay Topic 2

Y'ang-Yeovil appears on the Spanish Steps in Rome masquerading as Angelo Poggi, a crewmember on board the Vorga. Foyle is masquerading as Fourmyle. Another theme in the book is that of deception. Identify and discuss other examples of personal deception in the book. Consider, too, how entire classes of people might be practicing deception. for example, how the wealthy try to impress their peers by traveling in flashy, ancient modes of transportation.

Essay Topic 3

One key component of the novel is the concept of jaunting. Discuss in detail whether the concept is plausible, whether it is better suited to fantasy than science-fiction, if Bester deploys this device convincingly, and whether its use comes across as a gimmick to further the plot or is a necessary part of the overall scheme of the book. Could the book have been written apart from the presence of jaunting?

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