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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gully do to Jiz at the end of Chapter Seven?

2. What old organization took over the job of testing and classifying jaunte applicants?

3. Where is Foyle forced to live on board the Nomad?

4. How many people live on the habitable worlds of the solar system?

5. Who provided the report to the Royal Society on jaunting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Foyle's existence as he is trapped on board the Nomad.

2. What is significant and dangerous about Dagenham, especially in regard to his proximity to other people?

3. What is so significant about Jaunte's first jaunte?

4. What does Foyle discover on board the Nomad when he returns to the Sargasso Asteroid?

5. What is the relationship between Jiz and Sam Quatt?

6. Why does Y'ang-Yeovil want custody of Foyle after Foyle's attempt to destroy the Vorga?

7. How does Dagenham attempt to persuade Foyle to give up information about the Nomad, instead of torture?

8. What ultimately happens to Sam in Chapter 6, and how does it happen?

9. What procedure do the Scientific People perform on Foyle that makes him like them?

10. What happens in the relationship between the Inner Planets and Outer Satellites as a result of jaunting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One prevalent theme in The Stars My Destination is the concept of the impact of the internal on the external, and vice-versa. Consider two phenomena in the book--the appearances of the Burning Man and the use of the sympathetic block--and discuss how those two phenomena are evidences of the theme mentioned. Use incidences of these two phenomena to support your findings.

Essay Topic 2

One key component of the novel is the concept of jaunting. Discuss in detail whether the concept is plausible, whether it is better suited to fantasy than science-fiction, if Bester deploys this device convincingly, and whether its use comes across as a gimmick to further the plot or is a necessary part of the overall scheme of the book. Could the book have been written apart from the presence of jaunting?

Essay Topic 3

PyrE is what Alfred Hitchcock used to call the "McGuffin," that one item in a story that all the characters seek, and upon which much of the plot pivots. While PryE is on its surface an explosive, it is, in the context of the novel, much more. Discuss the symbolic nature of PyrE, what it might represent on an allegorical level, and the significance of how it is detonated by the thought and the will. Consider both the thought and the will as characters in the book, and the role these abstract notions play.

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