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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Foyle taken after he tries to get away from the Sargasso Asteroid?

2. What did the accident at Tycho Sands do to Saul Dagenham?

3. Who is the publicity representative of the Jaunte Schools?

4. How old does Jiz tell Gully she is?

5. Who is the spokesperson to Foyle for the inhabitants of the Sargasso Asteroid?

Short Essay Questions

1. What procedure do the Scientific People perform on Foyle that makes him like them?

2. How does Dagenham attempt to persuade Foyle to give up information about the Nomad, instead of torture?

3. How did the Scientific People come to be?

4. What happens to Foyle when he gets emotional or angry, and what does Jiz tell him to do about it?

5. What is the relationship between Presteign and Dagenham?

6. What does Jiz ask of Harley Baker, and why is he qualified to do what she asks?

7. What keeps Foyle from divulging information about the whereabouts of the Nomad when he is questioned at the Nightmare Theater?

8. What is the truth about Foyle and Jiz's escape from the Gouffre Martel?

9. What happens in the relationship between the Inner Planets and Outer Satellites as a result of jaunting?

10. What is the relationship between Jiz and Sam Quatt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Torture occurs several times in The Stars My Destination. Foyle is questioned and tortured in Chapter 4. Discuss how torture, in Foyle's case, is designed to alter an internal reality to generate and external result. Discuss the ironic truth that what drives Foyle also protects him from giving in to torture. Explain how revenge has given Foyle the sense of purpose that was missing in the first chapter.

Essay Topic 2

This particular novel was originally titled "Tiger! Tiger!" Discuss the appropriateness of that original title, and why perhaps the title was changed to the more poetic "The Stars My Destination." Discuss which title seems more fitting for the book, based on your overall impressions of the novel, and explain the source of the current title.

Essay Topic 3

Foyle has to deal not only with his external physical image, but also his external image as it is perceived by others. Describe his transition from Gully Foyle, uneducated merchant marine, to Geoffrey Fourmyle, wealthy buffoon. Discuss how this transition helps him hide his obsession. Describe, too, how Robin Wednesbury complements him in the areas in which he is weak.

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