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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much PyrE explodes in Old St. Pat's?
(a) Nearly a tenth of a gram.
(b) A milligram.
(c) Ten grams.
(d) A gram.

2. What does a surgeon of the Mars Commando Brigade do to Foyle?
(a) Gives him the ability to jaunt between planets.
(b) Permanantly removes the last vestiges of his tattoos.
(c) Makes him more machine than man.
(d) Gives him the ability to never need sleep.

3. Who works as cultivators at Bacteria, Inc.?
(a) Former intelligence employees.
(b) People incapable of jaunting.
(c) Prisoners from the Outer Planets.
(d) Tax evaders.

4. Who is Ben Forrest?
(a) A member of the Four Mile Circus.
(b) A spaceman from the Vorga.
(c) A dignitary at the Government House Ball.
(d) The lieutenant governor.

5. What is the Four Mile Circus?
(a) An acrobatic troup from the Sargasso Asteroid.
(b) The decendent of the Ringling Brothers Circus.
(c) A traveling zoo.
(d) The entourage of Geoffrey Fourmyle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What game is to be played at the legal party given by Regis Sheffield?

2. Who does Foyle tell Kempsey that he was sent by?

3. What company provides security known as "Man-Traps"?

4. Who assumes the identity of Poggi in Chapter 10?

5. What does Foyle use to control the reappearance of his tattoos?

Short Essay Questions

1. What proposition does Foyle make Robin after her suicide attempt, and what is her response?

2. What is Olivia's response to the bombardment that takes place during the New Year's Eve party?

3. What is Y'ang-Yeovil's role on the Spanish Steps?

4. Describe Analogue and how and why it is used.

5. What is Foyle's goal in going to the Spanish Steps?

6. Describe members of the Skoptsy Colony.

7. What does Olivia Presteign tell her father about Foyle that stuns him?

8. How does Foyle find out about Lindsey Joyce, and what does he learn about Joyce at the end of Chapter 12?

9. What is Foyle's relationship with Steve Forrest, and where does Foyle find Forrest?

10. What is the nature of the surgery Foyle had after the recovery of the treasure from the Nomad?

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