The Stars My Destination Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is so significant about Jaunte's first jaunte?

Jaunte's first jaunte is the first time that teleportation has ever happened in the presence of professional observers.

2. What seems to be the initial impetus for someone to jaunte, but is later found to be unnecessary?

Originally, it seems that jaunting can only occur when the individual is in danger or fear of death. Later, researchers discover that jaunting can be taught.

3. What are some of the negative aspects and results of jaunting?

The jaunting poor deserted slums to squat in plains or forests. Labyrinths and masking devices had to be introduced to prevent unlawful entry to homes and buildings. Plagues and pandemics were spread. Crime increased.

4. What happens in the relationship between the Inner Planets and Outer Satellites as a result of jaunting?

The Outer Satellites had supplied raw materials for the Inner Planets, but because of jaunting there was not as much need for finished goods. As a result, the trade imbalance led to war.

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