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Skoptsy Colony

Those who enter this area do so voluntarily and submit to a surgery that severs their sensory nervous system.

Gouffre Martel

An underground prison kept in total blackness, found near the Spanish-French border.

Sargasso Asteroid

The home to the Scientific People, made up of several space ships that either broke down or were destroyed.

Spanish Stairs

A famous historical location in Rome, Italy.

The Presteign Castle

A dwelling which, among other functions, houses the Star Chamber.

Old St Pat's

A former cathedral which has fallen into disrepair and is seldom used.


A Presteign-owned vessel which transports refugees from the Outer Planets.


A space merchant vessel, owned by the Presteign, which is attacked by raiders from the Outer Planets.

Public Jaunte Stations

The modern equivalent of bus/subway/train stations.

Freak Show

This amusement presentation for large corporations and the wealthy features genetic mutations, constructs...

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