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Jaunting 101

Imagine you are responsible for writing a jaunting manual as curriculum for jaunters just learning the skill. Write a table of contents for the manual, making sure that you have chapter headings that cover all the nuances of the jaunte.

Letters home

Pretend that you are a crew member on board the Nomad. Write a letter home to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other describing Gully Foyle and your impressions of him.

My own poem

Foyle recites a poem while trapped on board the Nomad: "Gully Foyle is my name," etc. Using the poem in the book as a model, write a poem in the same style about yourself. "Joe Jackson (insert your name) is my name, and ..."

If I were Gully ...

Imagine if you were trapped on board the Nomad as Foyle was. Describe your day in one or two paragraphs. How would you occupy...

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