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Essay Topic 1

One key component of the novel is the concept of jaunting. Discuss in detail whether the concept is plausible, whether it is better suited to fantasy than science-fiction, if Bester deploys this device convincingly, and whether its use comes across as a gimmick to further the plot or is a necessary part of the overall scheme of the book. Could the book have been written apart from the presence of jaunting?

Essay Topic 2

The Stars My Destination was written in 1956. While parts of the novel are dated, other parts have stood the test of time. Identify two or three "big themes" the novel tackles--themes that exist outside the constraints of science fiction--and explain how those themes still resonate and have value to readers today.

Essay Topic 3

Gully Foyle is introduced in Chapter 1. The book identifies him as "everyman." The concept of the everyman is a common...

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