The Stars My Destination Character Descriptions

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Gully Foyle, Geoffrey Fourmyle, The Burning Man, Nomad

This character is the last remaining survivor of the of the spaceship first mentioned in Chapter 2.

The Presteign

This character is the owner of the Vorga and other spaceships and is extraordinarily wealthy.

Olivia Presteign

This character is an albino who is also blind to the normal visual spectrum, but who sees things in infrared.

Robin Wednesbury

This character is a telesend, a telepath limited to broadcasting thoughts and who cannot read the minds of others.

Jisbella McQueen

This person is incarcerated at the Gouffre Martel along with another character and communicates with him via the Whisper Line.

Saul Dagenham

This character is a great physicist who is extremely radioactive after a terrible accident.

Captain Peter Y'ang-Yeovil, Angelo Poggi

This character is a member of Central Intelligence for the Inner Planets, this person is trying to learn more about the...

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