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• The book takes place in the 24th century.

• All of the habitable worlds in the Solar System are occupied.

• it is a time of freaks and wonders and discontent as romantics search for new frontiers.
• A researcher named Jaunte accidentally sets fire to himself, and is able to teleport himself to another location.

• This first jaunte took place because Jaunte was in fear of dying.

• Jaunting is a natural ability of all humans, but has to be learned just as an infant has to learn to see.

• Jaunting changes the world because it makes mass transit obsolete except between planets.

Chapter 1

• Gully Foyle is introduced as a mate on board a spaceship, the Nomad.

• Foyle is everyman, totally unremarkable, raised in a gutter school and speaking in a gutter tongue.

• He is trapped on board the wreckage of the Nomad, living in a sealed tool locker.
• Foyle...

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