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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a Moa?
(a) A long poisonous type of snake.
(b) A desert animal, similar to a mouse.
(c) A type of cactus.
(d) A big extinct bird.

2. What does Stargirl ask Leo if he believes in?
(a) Aliens.
(b) The power of stars.
(c) Fairies.
(d) Enchanted places.

3. Dori is a good friend to Stargirl because she does which of the following?
(a) She cheers her on no matter what.
(b) She goes with her to the speech contest.
(c) She accepts Leo as her boyfriend.
(d) She is honest with her about her feelings.

4. Which of the following terms could describe how Stargirl is being treated in school?
(a) Scapegoat.
(b) Bullied.
(c) Decoy.
(d) Leader.

5. What does Leo tell Stargirl when she finally corners him?
(a) He says that he hasn't been avoiding her.
(b) He asks her to help him feel differently.
(c) He says that something has to change.
(d) He tells her that he is embarrassed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the most disturbing facts about the social status for Stargirl at her school?

2. What does Hillari do with what Stargirl gives her?

3. How does Leo feel about the new musical group?

4. How is it announced that Stargirl won the contest?

5. Where does Stargirl practice her speech?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Stargirl and Leo feel about each other and because of this what does it take them a few days to realize?

2. What continues to seem odd to both Stargirl and Leo?

3. Where does Stargirl show Leo that she finds out who may need a gift?

4. What does Leo overhear about Stargirl and then how do these same girls tease Leo?

5. What happens the Monday after Stargirl wins the speech contest and how does Dori react?

6. What happens at the oratorical contest?

7. In what way has Stargirl changed her appearance and her name?

8. What is the one thing that Leo and Stargirl never do?

9. What does Stargirl teach Leo how to do?

10. What does Archie go to the desert to do and how does Archie seem to feel about the process?

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