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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do members of the Sunflower club pledge to do?
(a) One nice thing a day.
(b) See the good in everyone.
(c) Accept people as they are.
(d) Keep the desert as it once was.

2. What word does Archie explain to Leo for the first time?
(a) Shunning.
(b) Culture.
(c) Quandry.
(d) Philosophy.

3. What solution does Archie offer to Leo for his problem?
(a) He can learn to ignore his feelings.
(b) He can grow thicker skin.
(c) He can stay away from Stargirl.
(d) He can teach his friends about Stargirl's good characteristics.

4. How does Leo feel about the new musical group?
(a) He is proud.
(b) He is embarrassed.
(c) He wants to join it.
(d) He doesn't know what to think about it.

5. How does Leo tell Kevin he feels?
(a) Angry.
(b) Surprised.
(c) In love.
(d) Invisible.

6. What does Stargirl challenge Leo to?
(a) A test to see who can be the nicest.
(b) A test of wills.
(c) A test of what he has learned.
(d) A generosity test.

7. What decision does Stargirl make at the end of this chapter?
(a) She decides to enter the state oratorical contest.
(b) She decides to run for prom queen.
(c) She decides to become a cheerleader again.
(d) She decides to go out for the track team.

8. What is a Moa?
(a) A desert animal, similar to a mouse.
(b) A type of cactus.
(c) A long poisonous type of snake.
(d) A big extinct bird.

9. Dori is a good friend to Stargirl because she does which of the following?
(a) She is honest with her about her feelings.
(b) She cheers her on no matter what.
(c) She goes with her to the speech contest.
(d) She accepts Leo as her boyfriend.

10. What does Stargirl post on Roadrunner?
(a) Picture of Stargirl and Leo together.
(b) A missing poster for Cinnamon.
(c) Newspaper article about Stargirl's speech.
(d) Announcement for a musical group.

11. Where does Stargirl take Leo?
(a) Her house.
(b) Lavendar field.
(c) Desert.
(d) Archie's house.

12. What does Leo do after school the same day Stargirl walks up to Leo at lunch?
(a) He looks for Stargirl everywhere.
(b) He tries to talk to Kevin.
(c) He goes to visit Archie.
(d) He goes straight home.

13. What does Stargirl tell Leo she wants to do for her job when she is an adult?
(a) TV director.
(b) Truck driver.
(c) Actor.
(d) Yoga instructor.

14. What does Leo tell Stargirl when she finally corners him?
(a) He says that something has to change.
(b) He asks her to help him feel differently.
(c) He tells her that he is embarrassed.
(d) He says that he hasn't been avoiding her.

15. What does Kevin say Stargirl is getting?
(a) Shunned.
(b) A new school.
(c) Punished.
(d) The silent treatment.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does this chapter end?

2. Why does Leo return to Mica?

3. What do the girls tease Leo about?

4. What makes the students in Mica bitter?

5. What do Leo and Stargirl work together doing?

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