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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is it announced that Stargirl won the contest?
(a) A billboard is created.
(b) It is in the newspaper and on the television news.
(c) It is in the school paper.
(d) It is on the radio.

2. What does Archie bury with Barney?
(a) A bone.
(b) A picture of himself.
(c) Some rocks.
(d) A slip of paper.

3. What does Leo think about what he sees on the bulletin board?
(a) He tries to hide it from the others.
(b) He pretends that he posted it there.
(c) He knows it cannot be good.
(d) It makes him feel good inside.

4. Which character seems unaware of the cold treatment being dished out at school?
(a) Stargirl.
(b) Kevin.
(c) Leo.
(d) Hillari.

5. What makes the students in Mica bitter?
(a) Stargirl has qualified for the state finals in the oratorical contest.
(b) Stargirl continues to cheer for the other teams.
(c) Their basketball team is not listed on the Roadrunner finals.
(d) Leo will not give up on Stargirl.

6. Dori is a good friend to Stargirl because she does which of the following?
(a) She goes with her to the speech contest.
(b) She accepts Leo as her boyfriend.
(c) She is honest with her about her feelings.
(d) She cheers her on no matter what.

7. What does Kevin say Stargirl is getting?
(a) Shunned.
(b) The silent treatment.
(c) Punished.
(d) A new school.

8. What do members of the Sunflower club pledge to do?
(a) Accept people as they are.
(b) Keep the desert as it once was.
(c) See the good in everyone.
(d) One nice thing a day.

9. What does Leo find different when he goes to lunch?
(a) Kevin is eating lunch with Stargirl.
(b) No one is in the cafeteria.
(c) Stargirl is not eating with Dori.
(d) All of the students are laughing at Stargirl.

10. Why does Archie ask Leo to drive him out into the desert?
(a) To find Stargirl.
(b) To look at the cacti.
(c) To bury Barney.
(d) So they can talk without interruptions.

11. What is Stargirl doing for her five-year-old neighbor?
(a) Completing a picture biography of him.
(b) Hiding special treats for him around the yard.
(c) Writing down special events in his life in a journal.
(d) Creating a painting of him.

12. How does Leo feel about the new musical group?
(a) He doesn't know what to think about it.
(b) He is proud.
(c) He is embarrassed.
(d) He wants to join it.

13. Which character tried to regain the spotlight at the ball?
(a) Dori.
(b) Hillari.
(c) Kevin.
(d) Leo.

14. What decision does Senor Saguaro indicate Leo has to make?
(a) How to teach other people about Stargirl.
(b) Who he can ignore and who he cannot.
(c) Which people are true friends.
(d) Who he values more.

15. What does Leo see Stargirl do for other people to discover?
(a) Write special notes.
(b) Plant special seeds.
(c) Leave coins here and there.
(d) Paintings on sidewalks.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dori show that she will respect her friend's decision no matter what?

2. Why does Kevin say that Leo is being treated this way?

3. Which of the following fictional characters does Leo say Stargirl reminds him of?

4. What does Stargirl do now instead of doing good deeds?

5. What does Leo do after school the same day Stargirl walks up to Leo at lunch?

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