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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Leo find in his notebook?
(a) A speech.
(b) A birthday card.
(c) A porcupine tie.
(d) A card from Stargirl.

2. Where does Leo see the new girl for the first time?
(a) In his first class.
(b) On the bus.
(c) In the cafeteria.
(d) In his homeroom.

3. What does Leo decide he is going to start collecting?
(a) Porcupine decorations.
(b) Porcupine quill ties.
(c) Collection of porcupine quills.
(d) Stuffed real porcupines.

4. What is the local custom that the newspaper has?
(a) It writes articles about those people who moved to the area.
(b) It writes articles about those people celebrating birthdays.
(c) It writes articles about those kids that are still in school.
(d) It writes articles about those people with odd collections.

5. What does Stargirl do at lunch the next day?
(a) She sits with her friends.
(b) She does not come to lunch.
(c) She sits with Leo.
(d) She sings and plays her ukulele.

6. Why does Stargirl continue to get attention?
(a) For her speech skills.
(b) For her cheerleading.
(c) For her odd clothes.
(d) For her strange behavior.

7. What does Stargirl do that gets her a lot of attention?
(a) Cheers at the football game.
(b) Gets arrested by the police.
(c) Is hit by a car.
(d) Runs the wrong way at a track meet.

8. Why does Hillari drop Cinnamon instead of throwing him over the railing?
(a) Because someone in the crowd said "don't."
(b) Because Cinnamon bit her.
(c) Because Stargirl started to sing and Cinnamon came to her.
(d) Because someone grabbed him to save him.

9. Where does Stargirl go that annoys Anna?
(a) She sings Happy Birthday to her.
(b) She goes to her grandfather's wake.
(c) She goes to her parent's house.
(d) She visits her at home without being invited.

10. Why does the community seem to continue to accept Stargirl?
(a) Because she has made the right friends.
(b) Because they are not sure what she will do next.
(c) Because they need her to cheer for basketball season.
(d) Because she always seems to surprise them.

11. What happens at the end of the song?
(a) All of the children in the cafeteria point and laugh.
(b) Hillari stomps out and the other students applaud.
(c) Hillari confronts Stargirl.
(d) Stargirl gets up on the table and sings some more.

12. Which of the following is the main character in this book?
(a) Stargirl.
(b) Leo Borlock.
(c) Kevin.
(d) A.H. Brubarker

13. Which of the following terms best describes how Stargirl finds the idea to slaughter another team?
(a) Exciting.
(b) Distasteful.
(c) Surprising.
(d) Understandable.

14. How does Stargirl sign things?
(a) A heart and some stars.
(b) A picture of a girl.
(c) A graphic of a star with a girl.
(d) A giant S.

15. Which team do the Electrons lose to?
(a) Glendale.
(b) Mica.
(c) Sun Valley.
(d) Kovac.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stargirl respond when she is asked not to sing Happy Birthday?

2. What animal does the narrator compare Stargirl to?

3. In what month is Stargirl supposed to appear on Hot Seat?

4. What did Stargirl stop doing?

5. What is different about the jury on the Hot Seat when Stargirl is the guest?

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