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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which team do the Electrons lose to?
(a) Kovac.
(b) Sun Valley.
(c) Mica.
(d) Glendale.

2. What is the name of the group that Archie and the boys formed?
(a) The Order of the Saguaros.
(b) The Bone Yard Order.
(c) Bones and Saguaros.
(d) The Loyal Order of the Stone Bone.

3. What does Leo find in his notebook?
(a) A birthday card.
(b) A speech.
(c) A porcupine tie.
(d) A card from Stargirl.

4. Which of the following does Stargirl seem to be centered on?
(a) Understanding and improvement.
(b) Peace and harmony.
(c) Need to win at all costs.
(d) Revenge and Surprise.

5. What does Leo decide he is going to start collecting?
(a) Porcupine decorations.
(b) Stuffed real porcupines.
(c) Porcupine quill ties.
(d) Collection of porcupine quills.

6. What are the questions on the Hot Seat intended to do?
(a) Be inspiring.
(b) Be thought provoking.
(c) Be respectful.
(d) Be controversial.

7. Which of the following is not true about Hillari?
(a) She likes it when everyone follows her instructions.
(b) She wants to be friends with Stargirl.
(c) She likes to be the center of attention.
(d) She likes to always be right.

8. What does Stargirl share with Leo?
(a) A declaration of love.
(b) Her pet rat.
(c) He secret ambitions.
(d) Her lunch.

9. By what month does Stargirl become the most popular person in school?
(a) March.
(b) January.
(c) November.
(d) December.

10. Who do Leo and Kevin decide it is time to visit?
(a) Archie.
(b) Wayne.
(c) Hillari.
(d) Stargirl.

11. What is the local custom that the newspaper has?
(a) It writes articles about those people with odd collections.
(b) It writes articles about those kids that are still in school.
(c) It writes articles about those people who moved to the area.
(d) It writes articles about those people celebrating birthdays.

12. What happens at the end of the song?
(a) Hillari stomps out and the other students applaud.
(b) Hillari confronts Stargirl.
(c) Stargirl gets up on the table and sings some more.
(d) All of the children in the cafeteria point and laugh.

13. What does she bring to school every day in a canvas bag?
(a) Her ukulele.
(b) Clothes to change into at breaks.
(c) A pet rat.
(d) A book filled with songs.

14. Where does Stargirl go that annoys Anna?
(a) She goes to her grandfather's wake.
(b) She sings Happy Birthday to her.
(c) She goes to her parent's house.
(d) She visits her at home without being invited.

15. Leo Borlock could be considered which of the following?
(a) The narrator.
(b) The illustrator.
(c) The author.
(d) The antagonist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stargirl leave for the terminally ill boy?

2. What do the boys decide to do in regards to Stargirl Caraway?

3. Why do the boys go to visit Archie?

4. What trick do the cheerleaders pull on Stargirl?

5. Which character tells Stargirl not to sing Happy Birthday?

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