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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 32 - 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is it announced that Stargirl won the contest?
(a) A billboard is created.
(b) It is on the radio.
(c) It is in the school paper.
(d) It is in the newspaper and on the television news.

2. What did Leo always like and admire that belonged to his Uncle Pete?
(a) Collection of porcupine quills.
(b) Stuffed real porcupine.
(c) Porcupine decorations.
(d) Porcupine quill tie.

3. What does Mr. Caraway do that surprises Leo?
(a) Asks him to join the speech club.
(b) Has a pep rally for Stargirl.
(c) Gives him Stargirl's silver plate.
(d) Asks him to leave.

4. What is Kevin upset with Leo for not doing?
(a) He is upset with Kevin for not setting up an interview with Stargirl.
(b) He is upset with Kevin for not finding out where Stargirl lives.
(c) He is upset with Kevin for not following Stargirl all day.
(d) He is upset with Kevin for not eating lunch with Stargirl.

5. What is a Moa?
(a) A desert animal, similar to a mouse.
(b) A type of cactus.
(c) A big extinct bird.
(d) A long poisonous type of snake.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leo hear people whispering about after he and Stargirl share their first kiss?

2. What do many of the community suspect Stargirl of?

3. Why does Kevin call Leo?

4. What happens when Leo makes it clear to Stargirl that he wants her to become more normal?

5. How does Dori show that she will respect her friend's decision no matter what?

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