Stargirl Character Descriptions

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Leo Borlock

This character dreams of being a sports announcer someday and seems comfortable in his own skin, but he seems a little more sensitive to his feelings and the feelings of others than most of the other characters in the novel.


This character is first described as rather average-looking with long sandy-brown hair and freckles across her nose. Her distinguishing characteristic is her very large eyes.

Kevin Quinlan

This character's dream is to be a sleazy talk show host. He is bright, a good student and although he is not in the most popular crowd he isn't on the sidelines either.

A.H. (Archibald Hapwood) Brubaker or Archie

This character is a sixty-five-year-old widowed, retired university professor who lives near the high school.

Hillari Kimble

This character is the yammering, smirking, and bouncing-off-in-a-huff-type girl.

Wayne Parr

This character is the most gorgeous boy in school. He...

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