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• The story opens as we learn that twelve year old Leo Borlock is going to be moving from his home in Pennsylvania.

• He is moving to Mica, Arizona.

• On his moving day, his Uncle Pete gives him his porcupine quill tie that Leo had always liked.

• Time passes, to two years later when Leo is now fourteen.

• The local Mica, Arizona, newspaper writes an article about Leo because it is his birthday (as is their tradition).

• Later that day Leo finds a gift of a tie imprinted with three porcupines on his porch.

Chapter 1

• Leo and his friends are starting high school and this is their first day.

• All the talk at the high school is about the new girl named Stargirl Caraway.

• She is wearing a long off-white gown with ruffles around the neck and the hem, and carries a ukulele and a canvas bag with...

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