Stardust Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happens when Tommy and Alum fight over Bridget?

Tommy Forester and Alum Bey fight over Bridget outside The Seventh Magpie, and though Alum wins the fight, Tommy is rewarded with the heart of the girl. She no longer courts both men after the fight and agrees a few weeks later to marry Tommy.

2. What question does Dunstan ask the man staying in his cottage, and what is the man's response?

Dunstan asks the man in the top hat what he plans to sell at the fair. The man replies simply that at the fair, he will give Dunstan and his son their heart's true desire as long as he is still living.

3. What is Dunstan looking for when he finds the slave girl, and what does he buy from her?

Dunstan is looking for a gift to bring Daisy, the girl he is courting, when he finds the slave girl running a stand selling glass flowers. He buys a white one for the cost of a kiss on the cheek.

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