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This village is named for the barricade that borders it to the east.


This is a magical land and the location of the fallen star.

The Seventh Magpie

This is Mr. Bromios's inn and is a popular gathering place in town.


This magical type of forest has leaves that sting those who walk through, and the only way to escape is to find the path.


Tristran is the last remaining heir to this kingdom.

The Barrens

This is a place in the magical land where nothing grows.

Scaithe's Ebb

This is the seaport where Primus tricked his brother Septimus into boarding a boat.

Hall of Ancestors

The resting place of the deceased Lords of an ancient kingdom.

Power of Stormhold

This is a topaz worn around the neck of the ruling Lord of an ancient kingdom.


This is a sky-ship that rescues Tristran...

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