Stardust Character Descriptions

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Tristran Thorn

This character goes on a quest to get a fallen star for the woman he loves.

Yvaine/the Star

This character is a beautiful young woman, knocked from the sky, with hair so light, it is almost white.

Dunstan Thorn

This character makes love with a woman from the Faerie Market and later receives the son produced by their tryst.

Victoria Forester

This character is a self-centered girl, though never intentionally cruel. She has been raised knowing she is beautiful.

The Eighty-first Lord of Stormhold

This character throws the Power of Stormhold into the sky, telling his surviving sons that whoever retrieves it would be the sole heir.

The Lady Una

This character is captured by a witch as a child and has served as the witch's slave for sixty years, sometimes in the form of a colorful bird.

Madame Semele

This character captures a young...

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