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Chapter 1, In Which We Learn of the Village of Wall, and of the Curious Thing That Occurs There Every Nine Years

• The village of Wall was named for the large wall that separates it from the land of Faerie.

• People only pass through the gap in the wall once every 9 years for the big fair held there.
• Dunstan is a practical young man courting a girl named Daisy. He lets a man from London board in his cottage. The man promises him his deepest desire.

• At the fair, Dunstan is looking for a gift for Daisy. He finds a stall with glass flowers run by a slave girl. The boarder passes him and says his oath is fulfilled.

• The slave girl gives Dunstan a white flower for the price of a kiss. Dunstan takes the flower to Daisy and kisses her on the cheek showing all he has...

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