Stamped From the Beginning Character Descriptions

Ibram X. Kendi
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Cotton Mather

This individual born in 1663 was a prominent New England preacher who advocated converting slaves to Christianity. He wrote a number of publications such as "The Negro Christianized" and "A Good Master Well Served."

Phillis Wheatley

This slave was born in Africa and brought by slave traders to Boston, where she was purchased by a couple who adopted her largely as their child. Her upbringing assimilated her into White culture and provided her with education in classics, literature, and Christianity.

Thomas Jefferson

This American Revolutionary leader, diplomat, and early U.S. Presidential candidate authored the Declaration of Independence. He had a long-standing relationship with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings.

William Lloyd Garrison

This prominent antislavery advocate advocated immediate emancipation as opposed to colonization or gradual emancipation. He founded The Liberator in 1831.

Abraham Lincoln

This American President led the Union during the Civil War. He wrote the Emancipation...

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