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Robert Crais
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cole hear Eddie Tang say to Mimi at the lake house that is very unexpected?

2. What is Bradley's nervous tic that gives away the fact that he is lying about his molestation of Mimi?

3. What does Mimi say to Cole that makes him wonder if she had ever been molested by her father at all?

4. What does Mimi Warren do when Cole finally discovers her in a locked bedroom in the lake house?

5. What does Pike have with him in the duffle bag he brings on the boat with Cole?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Cole begin to wonder who is really running the Asano organization?

2. What information does Eddie Ditko convey to Cole about Kira Asano that helps Cole with his case?

3. What does Cole discover about Mimi when he finds her in the lake house that is a surprise?

4. Where does Eddie Tang's limousine lead Pike and Cole as they follow him from LAX airport?

5. How does Cole come to the realization that Mimi Warren has not been kidnapped?

6. What approach does Cole decide he can use in order to get in touch with Traci Louise Fishman?

7. How is Eddie Tang's apartment decorated?

8. What does Eddie Tang do to make it obvious that he will do anything to protect Mimi?

9. While Cole and Pike discuss the little bit of light left before they can pounce on the lake house and save Mimi, what are Cole's reasons for not calling the cops?

10. While speaking with Traci Louise Fishman in her Volkswagen Rabbit, what does Cole learn about Mimi Warren that makes Traci sob and gag?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is foreshadowed in the story by Mimi Warren's extreme shyness and inattention to her outward appearance when she is around her parents? What other signs and/or signals are given throughout the story to indicate the profound problem Mimi has at home?

Essay Topic 2

Explore Mimi Warren's character in relation to Elvis Cole. How does Cole view Mimi's relationship with her parents? How does Mimi react to Cole's comforting words? What is the reader led to believe about Mimi Warren throughout most of the book?

Essay Topic 3

Explain why the questions, "Mimi?" or "Mimi Warren?" continue to be repeated throughout the book, garnering a mention each time by Cole. What is it about Mimi Warren that makes everyone surprised to learn certain things about her? What are people's outward observations of Mimi? How does the way she lives not jive with things people learn about her?

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