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Robert Crais
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Short Answer Questions

1. During their conversation in a Volkswagen Rabbit, what does Traci Louise Fishman tell Cole she wants him to do?

2. What does Cole tell Lou Poitras about Mimi's boyfriend?

3. What does Sheila do once she hears the truth about what Bradley has done to her daughter?

4. What recurring dream does Cole have as he and Pike wait for Eddie Tang to come home?

5. Who is waiting for Eddie Tang in front of the Pago Pago Club?

Short Essay Questions

1. While speaking with Traci Louise Fishman in her Volkswagen Rabbit, what does Cole learn about Mimi Warren that makes Traci sob and gag?

2. What makes Cole decide that telling the cops about Mimi's location would not be the best idea?

3. What does Bradley Warren think Cole wants when they agree to meet at the Warren home in Chapter Twenty-Eight?

4. What is so shocking about the photograph that Traci Louise Fishman shows to Cole while they sit in her Volkswagen Rabbit?

5. While Cole and Pike discuss the little bit of light left before they can pounce on the lake house and save Mimi, what are Cole's reasons for not calling the cops?

6. How is Eddie Tang's apartment decorated?

7. Where does Eddie Tang's limousine lead Pike and Cole as they follow him from LAX airport?

8. In what ways is Kira Asano's residence depicted as being a home that is no longer grand?

9. How does Joe Pike try to ease Cole's guilt over losing Mimi for the second time?

10. How does Cole come to the realization that Mimi Warren has not been kidnapped?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Joe Pike's character. In what ways does he compare to Elvis Cole? How is he different from Cole? How is he similar? Relate the importance of his character to the story.

Essay Topic 2

Write a character description of Sheila Warren. Describe her physical traits, her character traits, and her everyday habits. Explore her psyche as it is presented to the reader.

Essay Topic 3

Write a detailed review of the yakuza warrior code. How does Eddie Tang live and die by this code? How does Joe Pike mirror the same code?

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