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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Eddit Ditko give Cole about Kira Asano?
(a) He was the founder of the Gray Army.
(b) He made the cover of Newsweek.
(c) He was recently arrested.
(d) He paints still life pictures.

2. Where is Mimi being held on the Torobuni property by the lake?
(a) In the carriage house.
(b) On the lake.
(c) In the boat house.
(d) In the main house.

3. What lights up Mulholland Drive as Cole tails Eddie Tang in Chapter Twenty-Three?
(a) Nothing; it is pitch-black.
(b) Street lamps.
(c) The moon.
(d) Other cars' headlights.

4. What is Bradley's nervous tic that gives away the fact that he is lying about his molestation of Mimi?
(a) He continually taps his finger on the table.
(b) His lips twitch uncontrollably.
(c) His eye flutters madly.
(d) He rolls his shoulders.

5. Who is parked outside of Eddie Tang's building in a stripped-down Dodge sedan?
(a) Two undercover cops.
(b) Yuki Torobuni's men.
(c) Elvis Cole.
(d) Lou Poitras.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Cole meets with Jillian in Chapter Twenty-Seven, how does he answer when Jillian asks why Bradley, Mimi, and Sheila are not there?

2. Who made an inscription on a book Mimi owns stating, "May there always be warm sun"?

3. How does Cole break into the Torobuni lake house?

4. When Kerri, Mimi's friend, asks Mimi about Cole's identity, how does Cole respond?

5. In Chapter Twenty-Two, whom does Cole jokingly mention as rarely observing the social graces?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Cole begin to wonder who is really running the Asano organization?

2. How does Joe Pike try to ease Cole's guilt over losing Mimi for the second time?

3. How does Kira Asano explain his innocence involving Mimi's running away from home?

4. How does Cole come to the realization that Mimi Warren has not been kidnapped?

5. While speaking with Traci Louise Fishman in her Volkswagen Rabbit, what does Cole learn about Mimi Warren that makes Traci sob and gag?

6. What does Cole discover when he takes a look at Traci Louis Fishman's photo in the school yearbook?

7. When Cole tells Bradley to tell Sheila about Mimi in Chapter Twenty-Eight, what is Sheila's reaction, before Bradley or Cole say another word?

8. What does Cole discover about Mimi when he finds her in the lake house that is a surprise?

9. While Cole and Pike discuss the little bit of light left before they can pounce on the lake house and save Mimi, what are Cole's reasons for not calling the cops?

10. What approach does Cole decide he can use in order to get in touch with Traci Louise Fishman?

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