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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cole do while his car is parked in a lot in Chapter Nine?
(a) Takes a nap.
(b) Searches for the Hagekuri.
(c) Gets out and walks the streets.
(d) Eats his lunch in the car.

2. What word would most aptly describe the inside of Nobu Ishida's business?
(a) Messy.
(b) Neat.
(c) Cheery.
(d) Organized.

3. When Cole and Pike go to a Bob's Big to freshen up in the men's room, why does an older man leave the restroom shortly after they arrive?
(a) He has finished reading his newspaper.
(b) Cole and Pike stare at the man until he leaves.
(c) Pike puts his gun on top of the soap dispenser.
(d) Cole tells him he has to leave.

4. Why does the younger male bartender tell Cole he had better not touch him while they are in the restroom?
(a) Cole has his fists up in the air.
(b) Cole is showing his gun in the shoulder holster.
(c) Cole has taken a karate stance.
(d) Cole has just locked the door.

5. What does Cole tell Pike they have to find in Chapter Fourteen?
(a) The way to Santa Monica.
(b) A dead man's pinkie finger.
(c) The Pacific Men's Club President.
(d) The yakuza.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of shirt is the Japanese man who enters the yakatori grill in Chapter Five wearing?

2. Where is the Sun Tree Gallery located?

3. Where is Nobu Ishida's import business located?

4. What is Pike's former profession before joining Cole in a partnership?

5. What does the manager of Mr. Moto's ask Pike and Cole to do after the female bartender has spoken to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the outward appearances of Mr. Moto's, the restaurant that Nobu Ishida frequented?

2. When Cole tells Sheila Warren that Joe Pike will be taking over his duties in looking after her and her house, how does the woman react?

3. When Cole calls Lou Poitras for information on the men who followed Cole in Little Tokyo, what makes him so bored after the placing the call?

4. Why doesn't Sheila Warren notice that Mimi, her daughter, is missing during the Man of the Month banquet?

5. While waiting for Lou Poitras to call, Cole receives another telephone call. Who calls him and why?

6. How does Cole explain the difficulties and/or ease of locating the thief who stole the Hagakure to Bradley Warren in Chapter Seven?

7. What do Pike and Cole finally discover in the Ishida home that provides them with the clue they need to pursue the case?

8. How does Yuki Torobuni try to scare off Cole when Cole questions him about Mimi and the Hagakure?

9. What is Joe Pike's reputation at Barton's Pistol Range?

10. What does the exterior of the Warren house look like?

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