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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of shirt is the Japanese man who enters the yakatori grill in Chapter Five wearing?
(a) Sweatshirt.
(b) Hawaiian shirt.
(c) Grateful Dead shirt.
(d) Button-down shirt.

2. Who does Sheila think Cole looks like?
(a) John Cassavetes.
(b) Joe Isuzu.
(c) Wyatt Earp.
(d) Joe Theismann.

3. What is Pike's general demeanor like?
(a) He is often drunk.
(b) He never smiles.
(c) He is shy and withdrawn.
(d) He is always happy and smiling.

4. When Cole and Pike go to a Bob's Big to freshen up in the men's room, why does an older man leave the restroom shortly after they arrive?
(a) Pike puts his gun on top of the soap dispenser.
(b) Cole tells him he has to leave.
(c) Cole and Pike stare at the man until he leaves.
(d) He has finished reading his newspaper.

5. Who is Michael Denning?
(a) Michael Delacroix's representative.
(b) Owner of the Sun Tree Gallery.
(c) A UCLA student.
(d) Berke Feldstein's receiptionist.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lou Poitras react after viewing the murder seen in Ishida's office?

2. One of the men Cole meets in Ishida's place has a body part missing. What is it?

3. When Jillian asks Cole why he is still going to look for Mimi, what is Cole's answer?

4. What does Cole do in Chapter Four when Ishida finally leaves his place of business?

5. What kind of tee shirt is the cop with whom Cole interacted in the yakitori grill wearing in Chapter Nine?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cole get the information he needs from the young, male bartender?

2. What are the outward appearances of Mr. Moto's, the restaurant that Nobu Ishida frequented?

3. Why does Cole make a serious effort to convince Bradley Warren to call the police in Chapter Eleven?

4. What is Joe Pike's reputation at Barton's Pistol Range?

5. How does Yuki Torobuni try to scare off Cole when Cole questions him about Mimi and the Hagakure?

6. How does Cole describe to the reader what he smells in the little office on the catwalk in Nobu Ishida's business?

7. Why is Bradley desperate to get back the Hagakure in a week's time?

8. By Chapter Four, what is Cole mostly shown doing in his apartment?

9. Why doesn't Sheila Warren notice that Mimi, her daughter, is missing during the Man of the Month banquet?

10. Describe Sheila's personality.

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