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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way does Bradley expand Cole's services in Chapter Seven?
(a) He is to oversee his family's security.
(b) He is told to hire a staff of workers.
(c) He is put in charge of Warren Bradley's bank accounts.
(d) He tells Cole to carry more weapons.

2. What is Sheila's excuse to Cole for not depending upon Hatcher in Chapter Five?
(a) He is always drunk.
(b) He has poor eyesight.
(c) He is too lazy to help.
(d) He could have been clubbed.

3. What does Malcolm Denning have on his desk?
(a) A stack of bills he needs to pay.
(b) A bust of the Hagakure.
(c) A telephone with six lines.
(d) Photos of his family.

4. What kind of tee shirt is the cop with whom Cole interacted in the yakitori grill wearing in Chapter Nine?
(a) ZZ Top.
(b) Grateful Dead.
(c) Dirty Harry.
(d) Rambo.

5. How does Sheila refer to her husband when she and Cole discuss the safe?
(a) "Rich boy."
(b) "Big shot."
(c) "My darling."
(d) "Mr. President."

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jillian asks Cole why he is still going to look for Mimi, what is Cole's answer?

2. What is it that Cole cannot stop smelling in Chapter Ten?

3. Where is the Sun Tree Gallery located?

4. What does Mimi ask one of the busboys at the Man of the Month banquet?

5. Who is Mimi?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways are the yakuza soldiers very different from the mafia?

2. What is FBI agent Reese's attitude towards Bradley Warren?

3. What makes Jillian Becker so sure that Bradley Warren is not involved with organized crime?

4. What is Joe Pike's reputation at Barton's Pistol Range?

5. How does Cole explain the difficulties and/or ease of locating the thief who stole the Hagakure to Bradley Warren in Chapter Seven?

6. What are Pike's and Cole's thoughts about Bradley Warren's possible involvement in the theft of the Hagakure in Chapter Fourteen?

7. Why does Cole lean close to Mimi in Chapter Twelve and whisper, "How you doin"?

8. How does Cole get the information he needs from the young, male bartender?

9. What do Pike and Cole finally discover in the Ishida home that provides them with the clue they need to pursue the case?

10. How is nearly everyone reacting once they come out of the murder scene in Ishida's office?

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