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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cole order Bradley to do when he keeps insisting that he does not know what Cole is talking about?
(a) To throw his drink in Sheila's face.
(b) To tell Sheila about Mimi.
(c) To send Mimi away in Cole's care.
(d) To give him back his job.

2. What does Jillian say to Cole and Carol Hillegas to clear up how Mimi may have met Kira Asano?
(a) Bradley Warren had Asano sign a book for Mimi.
(b) Asano often goes to the Pago Pago club.
(c) Asano was at a Sheila Warren's dinner party.
(d) Asano had a showing in the gallery of a new hotel that Warren opened.

3. Whom does Cole call in Chapter Thirty-One to tell that he had found Mimi and then lost her?
(a) Jillian Becker.
(b) Joe Pike.
(c) Lou Poitras.
(d) Carol Hillegas.

4. Pike has a plan for how he and Cole can sneak up on the lake house where Mimi is being held. What joke does Pike make when telling Cole the plan?
(a) You know I can't swim.
(b) I'm really beat from that wait for Tang.
(c) We could call the cops.
(d) Let's just forget about it.

5. When Kerri, Mimi's friend, asks Mimi about Cole's identity, how does Cole respond?
(a) Elvis Presley.
(b) Mickey Spillane.
(c) Peter Parker.
(d) Superman.

6. Where do Cole and Mimi go to talk things over in Chapter Twenty-Six?
(a) The tennis court.
(b) The pool area.
(c) Her bedroom.
(d) The front hallway.

7. What does Mimi tell Eddie Tang when he visits Mimi the night before the shootings?
(a) She tells him where the book is.
(b) She plans to kill her father.
(c) He does not really love her.
(d) She wants to get married right away.

8. What fighting style does Cole use on the man with Frank in Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Tae kwon do and kung fu.
(b) Karate.
(c) Kung fu.
(d) Wing chun and judo.

9. How does Cole find out which apartment Eddie Tang lives in?
(a) He figures out the apartment number from the mailboxes.
(b) He once visited Tang at home.
(c) He asks a kid who has been watching the cops.
(d) It is in Lou Poitras's records.

10. What does Mimi Warren do when Cole finally discovers her in a locked bedroom in the lake house?
(a) Cries.
(b) Screams.
(c) Yells obscenities.
(d) Falls to the floor.

11. During their conversation in a Volkswagen Rabbit, what does Traci Louise Fishman tell Cole she wants him to do?
(a) Leave before the girls watching them gossip.
(b) Tell Mimi she is no longer a friend of hers.
(c) Never breathe a word of her loneliness to anyone.
(d) Find Mimi and bring her back.

12. Besides losing track of Mimi for a second time, what is Cole feeling guilty about?
(a) Forgetting to fill his partner in on what has happened.
(b) Having something to do with her killing her father.
(c) Not being able to save Bradley's life.
(d) Not being around often enough for his cat.

13. What does Sheila do once she hears the truth about what Bradley has done to her daughter?
(a) She calls Cole names.
(b) She hits Bradley.
(c) She cries silently.
(d) She flees the room.

14. What happens to Kira Asano when Cole says he bets Asano has the Hagakure?
(a) He needs to go to the toilet.
(b) He involuntarily yells out Eddie Tang's name.
(c) He vomits on Cole's shoes.
(d) His hands start to shake.

15. What does Kira Asano finally instruct Frank to do after discussing the return of the Hagakure and smoothing things over with the police?
(a) To call the police to send Mimi to juvenile detention.
(b) To kill Cole so there are no witnesses.
(c) To lock up Mimi until they hear from Eddie Tang.
(d) To get Mimi so Cole can help her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man who rents Cole and Pike a boat at Arrowhead Village tell them to watch out for while on the water?

2. What is the title of the organization Kira Asano runs?

3. When Cole knocks out a guard in the Torobuni lake house, it is insinuated that Pike ______________.

4. What lights up Mulholland Drive as Cole tails Eddie Tang in Chapter Twenty-Three?

5. What information does Eddit Ditko give Cole about Kira Asano?

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