Stalking the Angel Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert Crais
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1. How does Cole act around Bradley?

Cole acts as himself around Bradley. He does not put on any airs to impress the man. Cole has a biting sense of humor that Bradley does not appreciate, yet Cole does not seem to mind. Cole tells Bradley that he doesn't want to work for him because he doesn't like him.

2. Why is Bradley desperate to get back the Hagakure in a week's time?

Bradley needs to have the Hagakure back in a week because that is when he is receiving the Pacific Men's Club honor naming him Man of the Month. He wants the Hagakure to be on display in his newest hotel which has just opened in Little Tokyo.

3. What does the exterior of the Warren house look like?

The Warren's house is manned by a security guard sitting in a light blue Thunderbird from Titan Securities. The house is a French Normandy mansion with a large Spanish oak in the middle of the motor court and a multitude of snapdragons peppering the perimeter of the house and driveway. The house has a huge front door which is recessed in a wide alcove. The exterior is impressive but in an overdone fashion according to Cole.

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