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Robert Crais
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty One-Thirty Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who owns an art gallery in Venice on the beach below Santa Monica?
(a) Malcolm Denning.
(b) Berke Feldstein.
(c) Barbara Kendal.
(d) Michael Delacroix.

2. Who, according to Cole, would have been proud of the way Sheila looks when she enters the Man of the Month banquet with her husband?
(a) Eleanor Roosevelt.
(b) Nancy Reagan.
(c) Elizabeth Taylor.
(d) Tammy Wynette.

3. Whom does Bradley fire in Chapter Thirteen?
(a) Cole and Becker.
(b) Ellis, Cole, and Pike.
(c) Becker, Cole, and Pike.
(d) Only Jack Ellis.

4. What do the police and Cole find hiding in an upstairs bedroom in Asano's house in Chapter Thirty?
(a) Two girls hiding in a closet.
(b) A stash of money.
(c) The Hagakure.
(d) Mimi.

5. Who is the head of security at the New Nippon Hotel?
(a) Edward Tang.
(b) Traci Fishman.
(c) Jack Ellis.
(d) John Eli.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mimi wearing to attend the Pacific Men's Club Man of the Month Banquet?

2. Eddie Tang goes to LAX airport to pick up_____________.

3. What point of view does the author use to write "Stalking the Angel"?

4. Who does Ishida tell Cole a private detective should look like in Chapter Four?

5. How do Pike and Cole break into Ishida's home?

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