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Robert Crais
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-Two-Twenty Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Cole and Pike go to a Bob's Big to freshen up in the men's room, why does an older man leave the restroom shortly after they arrive?
(a) Cole tells him he has to leave.
(b) Pike puts his gun on top of the soap dispenser.
(c) Cole and Pike stare at the man until he leaves.
(d) He has finished reading his newspaper.

2. What are the biggest buildings in Century City?
(a) Grohman's Chinese Theater.
(b) Century Plaza Towers.
(c) Warren Investments.
(d) Twenthieth-Century Fox Studios.

3. While Cole is looking through Ishida's credit card statements, where does he note Ishida had gone two or three times a week over the past three months?
(a) The L.A. Country Club.
(b) Mr. Moto's.
(c) Applebee's.
(d) Ma Maison.

4. What type of clock does Cole have in his office?
(a) A Pinnocchio clock.
(b) A small clock radio.
(c) A schoolhouse clock.
(d) A Grandfather's clock.

5. What type of business is above the yakituri grill?
(a) Chinese restaurant.
(b) Pistol range.
(c) State Farm Insurance.
(d) Rolodex watch shop.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is following Cole when he leaves the yakatori grill?

2. What does Cole smell coming from the office on the catwalk?

3. What does Sheila think of Pike protecting her and instead of Cole?

4. In Chapter Twenty-Four, Cole tells Mimi that he must speak to her. What does Mimi first tell him?

5. When the first group of police officers and the FBI arrive at the scene of Ishida's murder, to what sealed off room are all of the main people involved sent?

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