Objects & Places from Stalking the Angel

Robert Crais
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This is an ancient Japanese manuscript. Its theft is the center of the novel's plot.

Nobu Ishida's Shop

This place is a cover for the yakuza's illegal drug imports.

Warren Home

This place is large and immaculate. It feels like no one is ever there.

Mimi's Room

This place is cold and devoid of any visible personal items. It is compared to a minimalist painting.

Cole's Office

This place is filled with cartoon character figurines. There are posters and trinkets everywhere.

Bradley Warren's Office

This place is located in a large facility called the Century Plaza Towers.

Mr. Moto's

This is a dance club and restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

Barton's Pistol Range

This is where the reader is introduced to Joe Pike.

This is an "artsy" location, and it is Cole's first lead in the search for the Hagakure.

Eddie Tang's Apartment


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