Daily Lessons for Teaching Stalking the Angel

Robert Crais
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One-Three)


Chapter One-Three

The humor the author injects into his protagonist's voice is obvious as soon as the second page of the book is read. The ways in which the author utilizes humor to create the character, Elvis Cole, will be explored.


1) Class Discussion: At what point in Chapter One does the reader realize that Elvis Cole is funny? How would his humor be categorized? How do the characters in Chapters One-Three respond to Cole's humorous remarks?

2) Panel Discussion: Have a group of either volunteer or selected students create a panel for discussion. The panel will speak about specific remarks Cole makes and whether most readers appreciate his type of humor. Another topic will be why the author chose to make the detective funny. Questions will be directed by students listening to the panel.

3) Writing Assignment: Answer the following question: Why might the author have made...

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