Stalking the Angel Fun Activities

Robert Crais
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Rewrite the section of Chapter One where Elvis Cole first meets Jillian Becker and Bradley Warren, reversing the personalities of Jillian with Warren. Make the scene either amusing or dramatic.

Choose an Actor

In Chapter Six, Sheila tells Cole that he looks like a particular actor. Choose other characters in the book and describe which actors might play their role if the book were made into a film.

Choose Funny Lines

Of all the amusing lines that Cole has in the book, choose a few and change them to make them your own. Change the line around, or come up with a totally new line to fit the situation. Just be sure your revision is funny!


Write an obituary for Nobu Ishida. Include known details of his life and the nature of his death.

Write a Television Pilot

Develop a pilot for a television show based...

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