Stalking the Angel Character Descriptions

Robert Crais
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Elvis Cole

This character is a private detective in Los Angeles. The person has a no-nonsense, sarcastic, witty, and charming attitude all in one.

Mimi Warren

This character appears to be a quiet, unattractive, introverted person. This character finds people to relate to in a group known as the Gray Army.

Jillian Becker

This character's job title is never stated, but the character seems to be an important assistant, always present in the boss's business and personal dealings.

Joe Pike

This character is an ex-police officer and a partner at a private investigator agency. This character is quiet with an intimidating appearance.

Eddie Tang

This character is a member of the yakuza crime gang. This character is in love and ends up dying for it.

Nobu Ishida

This character runs an import business in the Little Tokyo area. The character becomes a murder victim.

Kira Asano

This character...

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