Stalking the Angel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert Crais
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Chapter One-Three

• Jillian Becker and her boss, Bradley Warren, visit Elvis Cole in his office.

• They hire Cole to find and return a stolen eighteenth-century Japanese artifact, the Recorded Words of the Hagakure Master.

• Cole meets Sheila Warren and her daughter Mimi at the Warrens' home. Cole believes both are high on alcohol and drugs.

• Cole gets a picture of the Hagakure book and leaves.
• Art gallery owner, Berke Feldstein, gives Cole a tip, leading Cole to The Sun Tree Gallery and Malcolm Denning.

• Denning names Nobu Ishida, an importer in Little Tokyo, as someone interested in the Hagakure.

Chapter Four-Six

• Cole follows his lead to Nobu Ishida, but, even after fighting one of Ishida's associates, Cole leaves with no new information.

• Cole trails Ishida's car until he is intercepted by two Japanese undercover officers.

• Cole calls Lou Poitras, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, to...

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