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St. Anselm
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monologium, Chapters XXX - LXIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anselm knows what he believes, but he also wants to know what?
(a) Why he believes it.
(b) Whether he should believe it.
(c) What he does not believe.
(d) Why it is true.

2. There must exist a being that is what?
(a) Created.
(b) Kind.
(c) The source of all existence.
(d) Good.

3. Anselm's arguments will be consistent with what?
(a) Christian tradition.
(b) Most views.
(c) Some Christian denominations.
(d) Other arguments.

4. What does the answer to number 86 follow?
(a) The Ten Commandments.
(b) The Lord's Prayer.
(c) The Nicene Creed.
(d) The Apostles' Creed.

5. Chapters one and two argue that a being which is "best, and greatest and highest of all existing beings" _________ exist.
(a) Might.
(b) Could.
(c) Must.
(d) Do not.

Short Answer Questions

1. All beings others than God exist through whom?

2. What must exist to make choices between two or more things?

3. God's compassion and justice are compatible because through __________________, God will make the wicked good and thus worthy of forgiveness.

4. God must create from what?

5. Can two objects both possess goodness, but to differing degrees?

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