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St. Anselm
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The Forms - These are hard to describe and are the most pure representations of our concepts but are embodied in the world independently of human thought.

Conceivable Ideas - These are what humans are capable of imagining. They play a foundational role in Anselm's ontological argument and in his response to Gaunilo.

Substance - This is any entity that can exist of its own.

Accident - This is a contingent property of a substance: brownness, goodness, and pleasantness are all one of these.

Existence - This is both a place and an object.

Goodness - On Anselm's Platonic view, good things participate in this. God is identical with this.

Atonement - This in Cur Deus Homo is what Jesus Christ achieves when He dies on the cross.

Justice - On Anselm's Platonic view, just things participate in this. And God is identical with this.

Faith -...

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