Objects & Places from St. Anselm: Basic Writings

St. Anselm
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The Forms

These are hard to describe and are the most pure representations of our concepts but are embodied in the world independently of human thought.

Conceivable Ideas

These are what humans are capable of imagining. They play a foundational role in Anselm's ontological argument and in his response to Gaunilo.


This is any entity that can exist of its own.


This is a contingent property of a substance: brownness, goodness, and pleasantness are all one of these.


This is both a place and an object.


On Anselm's Platonic view, good things participate in this. God is identical with this.


This in Cur Deus Homo is what Jesus Christ achieves when He dies on the cross.


On Anselm's Platonic view, just things participate in this. And God is identical with this.


In Christian theology, to have this is to believe in...

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